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It is NIMAA BADER Est. Policy to protect the health and safety of its employees, contractors, customers and to preserve the environment while providing quality services and products to meet customers’ expectations.
We will comply with applicable health, safety and environmental laws, regulations, and quality standards. We will apply practical means to minimize pollution, reduce waste and minimize risk of services and products.
The company will promote a strong sense of safety awareness among its employees. Safety will always be a factor in the services which we provide to our customers


NIMAA BADER Est. shall be made awareness to their workers to ensure that they understand the hazards of work environment and they can operate
the process in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We will continually improve our performance and
implement effective development system to enhance the competence and awareness
of our multicultural employees to achieve sustainable results and to comply with ( HSE) regulation.

A construction company earns its reputation based on the quantity of work it completes under its contracts as well as the calibre of the job it produces.

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