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Sno. Personnel Manpower
1 Administration / Management 1
2 Contract Administration 1
3 Design Engineers 1
4 Projects Manager 2
5 Planning Engineers 1
6 QS Estimators 1
7 QA/QC Engineers 1
8 Site Engineers 4
9 Accountant 1
10 Office Secretary 1
11 Foreman (General) 8
12 Foreman (MEP) 4
13 Skilled Labor 32
14 UN-Skilled Labor 4
15 Lead men 4
16 Driver 4



Compensation of employees shall be paid on a monthly basis in according with the labor law promulgated with the local government authority.


Reasonable Accommodation with complete facilities shall be provided by the company, to the entire person to the advantage of the client the supervisor and the workers crew shall be house in an area as nearest to the place to the work as possible.


keeping in minds for providing a complete health care for all personal we are having contract with “Riyadh Clinic” for medications and also registered with general organization for social insurance (GOCI) by giving insurance coverage to all workers and staff


SUPERcontact :In order to realize proper execution of any specific activity that is carried and smoothly parallel to White Pearl Co LLC given timetable. Supervisors are assigned to each and every job that has been awarded to.

The company considers proper supercontact to be important and invaluable in the performance a particular job with the scientific and technical perfection. The duties of our well experience supervisors are:

White Pearl Co LLC s well equipped supply qualified personals for technical service to the clients and know how to drive from the company wide experience. Most staff has overseas experience of not less then five to eight years in their related activities.

To supervise the working staff, checking daily on the quality of the task completed, giving necessary instruction and guidance.

To ensure that the task are carried out in accordance with the specified schedule.

To keep the management constantly informed of workers quality and performance, in order to take corrective measure well in time.

To take charge of the supplies and ensure proper distribution is done

To look after the requirements of the workers, which will aid the quality of the worked, performed.

A construction company earns its reputation based on the quantity of work it completes under its contracts as well as the calibre of the job it produces.

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