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White Pearl Introduction

Inspired by the wishes of Saudi Arabian government and with the help of encouragement and a broader contact, White Pearl Co LLC. was launched as contracting and maintenance firm in the year 2022.
White Pearl Co LLC. is in the field of General Contracting Civil, Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical Operation & Maintenance, Industrial support Services, Interior & Exterior Decorations etc. and having its place of business located in Riyadh, K.S.A. White Pearl Co LLC. possess a wide range of human resources this allows the company to quickly mobilize its operation to include other opportunities in the rapidly growing commercial and industrial market.
has the ability and financial resources to undertake any major construction project and has completed any array of contracts to different sectors nationwide. Since 5 years in service White Pearl Co LLC has organized and exacting under laws of Saudi Arabia, taking up successfully, executing various projects to our respective Clients with the total satisfaction in the given respective fields for long term and short term projects. As a result of our Continues pursuit for recognition and devoted customers devoted, during the past years we gave secured and confidence and appreciation of our clients.
In addition to this we have separate dicontact for the manpower supply to the required respective clients throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia; we have best variety of quality trade-men with the various ranges of abilities and highly qualified engineers and the managerial staff and necessary equipment White Pearl Co LLC Has wide range of experience and professionalism to complexity of today’s economy. We provide all facilities and our targets to ensure quality for all services on time and fast service to satisfy all clients’ requirements. We hope you will find our Est. worth considering bidding in our continued success.


 Customer Centric: We always keep in mind our customers while taking up any initiatives with an objective of providing them with constructions service of a very highly class.

  Professionalism: we believe that professional approach is what will get us to our contact.

 Team Work: We encourage everyone to share information and ideas regardless of status, education, ethnicity or religion.


White Pearl Co. is optimistic about its bright future. We are giving our best to satisfy our clients with professional services. A strong management network and organized process of executing projects has always been strength. Our aim is to strengthen our technical establishment chain has been focused and trained to provide excellent services. With the joint effort of technical and non-technical staff, projects are always executed at a decent pace White Pearl Co LLC. aims at maintaining its excellent reputation in construction field

A construction company earns its reputation based on the quantity of work it completes under its contracts as well as the calibre of the job it produces.

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