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  It is the policy. of White Pearl Co LLC to distinguish itself in the Civil Contracting Electromechanical & Industry Construction by providing prompt and superior services of international quality at very competitive prices to its clients.

  We give quality and customer services the same emphasis as the financial and productivity aspect of the business.

  We ensure that our quality policy is well understood and observed by all the members of our staff and our subcontractors.

 To achieve the required level of quality work and good workmanship, the company sticks to well plan and systematic quality control program. The quality of the work and quantity control will be fully in accordance with engineering specifications, codes and quality plain laid down by specific project.

 The project crew play the most important role, White Pearl Co LLC. ensure that the right person is employ for the right job, which can carry out his responsibilities with correct since and without any difficulty. The QA/QC inspectors will ensure team spirit and quality awareness.

 The QA/QC dept. and Management Implements Companies General Policy, recruit appropriate personnel for specific jobs, provide training, technical support, Hygiene, health care and safety related to project matters and personnel.

 Nevertheless, we periodically review our quality and objectives to ensure their suitability and effectiveness with an aim to continuously improve Quality.

A construction company earns its reputation based on the quantity of work it completes under its contracts as well as the calibre of the job it produces.

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